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At the address of 84 Bulevar Oslobodjenja  in Novi Sad, we set up a corner for your healthy moment. Juice Bar Hay Day is a place that will offer you an inflow of new energy and a healthy selection of food and beverages.

The concept of the Juice Bar Hey Day reflects in a glass full of 100% cold-pressed fruits and vegetables, and in your need to give yourself an advantage in everyday race for success.

Natural energy boosters of various vitamins and minerals created by special recipes from carefully selected combinations of fruits and vegetables are our main offer in the form of juices and smoothies.

An inevitable part of the Hey Day offer are healthy meals. Try our salads, toppings, tortillas... We have not left out some delicious desserts in which you will surely enjoy.

story about health

The time and the changes of a new big world and the global industry have brought both good and bad impacts regarding fruits and vegetables growing. However, lately, people have been increasingly questioning what we have done wrong and what we will do next to return to healthy food.

The regain of consciousness about what we eat has brought positive changes. We are a part of this big change. We want to be a part of your change too.

The benefits of fruits and vegetables are numerous. Besides fantastic detoxification, due to the energy that only one juice per day can provide you, your body is relieved of stress.


why was it just cold cuts

When we make fruit and vegetable juices using standard appliances, i.e. juicers and blenders, where we cut food into smaller pieces and place them in a grinding appliance, there is a great chance that the food will warm up during the whole process. This can cause oxidation and a loss of a large number of nutrients.

Juicers, which usually work on the centrifugal principle, provide juice full fruit and vegetable particles, while this is not the case with cold-pressed juicers. They provide pure raw juice full of beneficial fibers.

Juices are the easiest way to take in the necessary vitamins and minerals into the body, and cold-pressed juices are the best way.

chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue and a lack of concentration are a sure sign that your body has been overloaded with toxins.

Do you hardly wake up in the morning, and you are sleepy during the day, although you slept enough at night? It's more than clear that acidity prevails in your body. You urgently need detox!

An indisputably ideal way for detox are cold-pressed juices that immediately enter the bloodstream and do the best for you!

where we are

Health is your happiness. Embrace life!


Bulevar oslobodjenja 84
21000 Novi Sad

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